Finding the right digital leads can be a difficult task with an avalanche of options out there. Parachute Digital have created a new service to help find your digital lead love.

Parachute online has created The Charity Matchmaker Quiz, an online solution that helps charities find digital leads that perfectly suit their goals and ensure that a relationship is kept between the two.

It works by bringing thousands of prospective supporters to one website where they answer six questions to be matched to the perfect partner. The questions are based on your core beliefs and goals to ensure when you are matched it’s with like minded people. They are then given the opportunity to actually do something positive and useful with this information – put their money where your heart is.

The ultimate goal of this service is to promote giving to worthy causes. The Charity Matchmaker Quiz was concocted to coincide with Giving Tuesday – the official global day of giving on 28th November. The day gives people the opportunity to think about the issues that really matter and to give back.

The Charity Matchmaker Quiz is a great opportunity for tapping into new supporters and different supporters that haven’t aligned themselves with a cause or an organisation. Essentially, a good quality, qualified and free lead for the organisation.

The Charity Matchmaker quiz has been created by the teams at Parachute Digital and Net Strategies, two agencies that work exclusively for not for profits and charities. If you would like to be part of the Matchmaking process visit





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