Murdoch Childrens Research Institute has secured a new corporate partnership, worth $150,000 per annum over three years. Greg Johnson reveals the details of MCRI’s exciting new partnership.

Johnson’s Baby has inked a new corporate partnership with Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI). Commencing in 2013, the three-year partnership with Johnson’s Baby will see it provide $150,000 per annum in funding for new research, plus opportunities to promote MCRI’s research and expertise to its target audience.

“This new partnership is very exciting,” said MCRI’s marketing and corporate partnerships manager Fiona Gosschalk. “If it wasn’t for partnerships like this we wouldn’t be able to start up our most exciting new research, as government and granting bodies don’t typically fund new research.”

Such corporate partnerships allow MCRI to undertake new areas of research, which once up-and-running can then unlock further government or grant funding.

The partnership will also allow the research findings and knowledge MCRI produces to reach a wider audience, according to Gosschalk. It has already featured MCRI experts on the Johnson’s Baby Facebook page and further information will be distributed through PR events and baby diaries to new mothers.

“Johnson’s Baby has a huge PR ability, which we just don’t have, so we get to inform mothers and families about our research,” said Gosschalk. “That is really important for MCRI, as the average person is unlikely to read the academic journals in which our research is published.”

Figure A: Johnson’s Baby has already featured MCRI on its Facebook page


Greg Johnson is the editor of Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine.


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