Social media isn’t simply a distraction in idle hours. It’s a medium – some might say the medium – through which people engage and consume information. And it’s how Australia’s leading charities are connecting with donors.

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Consider the findings of last year’s Yellow Social Media Report:

  • 69% of Australians use social media.
  • 30% of people use it to research brands, businesses and purchases.
  • 63% of those that used it to research a purchase went on to make that purchase.

A large part of running a successful charity is simply broadcasting your message. When it comes down to it, it’s about awareness. Bringing your particular angle to a potential donor’s attention and educating them about it is often half the battle. This is where social media can be invaluable.

Social media also allows you to find potential donors more easily by connecting with individuals sharing your particular goals and values. It generates a great opportunity for creating a story and message, allowing you to engage and grow your donor base.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s the simplest medium through which you can demonstrate to donors the results of their donations, by posting images, videos and updates. They are, after all, more likely to give if they feel tangibly connected to your cause.

Savvy charities have already jumped onto these opportunities. The online fundraising platform, JustGiving, identified several examples in its guide for social media fundraising.

Cancer Research UK, for instance, took advantage of the organic #NoMakeUpSelfie social trend to make a push for text donations through their Twitter handle. They raised £8 million in a week. Meanwhile, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland used its Facebook page to publicly acknowledge donors and volunteers, cementing the donor-charity relationship. By increasing their profile, they brought in over £2 million in 2013.

By offering the option of making donations online they have also maximised the power of social media fundraising by keeping it all digital. And you can too.

Social isn’t a fad or just for teenagers. It is the new way of connecting with donors to deliver maximum funding to your cause. When was the last time you updated your organisation’s status?

Owen Chapman has over 15 years’ international experience providing financial services such as direct debit, BPAY and eCommerce helping businesses streamline payment collection and control cash flow. At Ezidebit since 2013 he leads a national team of Business Development Managers specialising in assisting not-for-profits and businesses across Australia. 


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