Investing in authenticity


For Sandra Hills, what really differentiates the best leaders is a principled, values-driven approach combined with a commitment to authentic leadership.


Investing in authenticitySome years ago, Harvard Business Review published a story on authentic leadership by author and researcher Bill George. George suggested authentic leadership is about being true to yourself and your personality in the workplace. He revived an age-old philosophy: to lead, a person must know themselves and recognise what their story brings to the workplace. At the time it was published, the article was a breath of fresh air. To be told there is no set of universal characteristics and no checklist of traits, styles or skills was a healthy reality check.

Leadership development

At Benetas, we have been investing heavily in the development of our leaders for some years. At first, we needed to focus on practical management fundamentals that lacked consistency across the business. Over time we have graduated to exploring higher order capabilities: emotional intelligence, visioning, ethical leadership,…

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