Simon Scriver is set to deliver his insights on donor love to Australian fundraisers in a presentation at the 2018 Fundraising Forum on 29 August.

World-renowned fundraising expert Simon Scriver is set to deliver his insights on donor love to Australian fundraisers in a presentation at the 2018 Fundraising Forum.

He’s big on building long-term donor relationships and using the kinds of communication that encourages this. If you are looking to build greater loyalty with donors, you won’t want to miss this following session:

Disrupting with Delighters and #DonorLove

Simon will discuss how as a fundraiser, you are the all-important bridge between your organisation’s donors, beneficiaries, co-workers, volunteers and board.

Every interaction and every conversation is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with donors and grow your fundraising. But, passionate as you are about your cause, how do you give supporters the experience they deserve?

Simon will teach you how to connect with donors through values and emotions, creatively use voices from around your organisation, and make your donor the hero of every story you tell.

With real examples from the UK and Europe, you will learn how to engage donors better using a range of channels. You will leave with cheeky tips, tested tricks and what you need to share the #donorlove!

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Another of Simon’s sessions also focuses on the donor experience and how charities can do better:

Let’s all mystery shop together! Donor relations lessons from the trenches

In this highly interactive session, Simon will mystery shop several organisations live from the conference, to learn what charities are doing well and not so well.

Online and on the phone, he will try to make donations and get answers to some key donor questions. He will then discuss the experiences in an effort to improve fundraising practices.

He will also discuss how charities sometimes make things hard on would-be donors, and what we can do to improve the donor experience. We’ll see and hear real world examples of who is doing it right, drawn from Simon’s ongoing research, mystery shopping hundreds of organisations in the UK, Ireland, North America and beyond.

No matter the size of your organisation, you will feel empowered to make changes, and will return to work excited about improving your interactions with supporters. Not only that, you will have fun as well!

Simon is a fundraising consultant, coach, trainer, board member and practitioner. He received Fundraising Ireland’s ‘Small Budget, Big Impact’ award in 2016 and has presented at many fundraising conferences including IFC, Institute of Fundraising (UK), #DonorLove in Canada, and AFP’s International Conference (USA).

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