How storytelling changes brain chemistry


According to Peter Muffett, today, via neuroscience, researchers are learning how to use storytelling to change your brain chemistry – and influence your fundraising activities.


storytelling changes brain chemistryThere is a lot of debate around the power of storytelling and many opinions around the strength of stories and imagery. The following brings a wee bit of science to the issue.

This is me (left). I’m officially the world’s fastest orca (do you like the frothing sea surrounding me?) in the Virgin London Marathon. The orca weighed 25kg – plus it was 2.5m in length. I was carrying the orca (and its baby) in the marathon during Branson’s first year of sponsorship as we wanted him to stop taking families to SeaWorld on package holidays.

I must say, I was rather hoping the red flag with a message to Branson saying Come on Richard, don’t be a dick was going to get me arrested soon after the start line. Sadly, not… seven hours and 25…

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