How is your social media tracking?


Bertie Bosrédon, who is presenting at F&P’s upcoming Digi.Raise conference, says it’s important to step back and take a more strategic approach to your social media tracking. 

Social media trackingAccording to the Hootsuite Digital in 2017 report, among the 3.773 billion internet users worldwide, 2.789 billion (37%) are active on social media with 91% of social media users accessing social from mobile. 

We have never seen such rapid growth and organisations have had to adapt quickly – possibly too quickly. I regularly help nonprofit organisations step back and take a more strategic approach to their social media planning. Here are my top tips:

1 Before you start

I will assume you already have a presence on social media. If not, you should first list the reasons why your organisation is not yet on what is now a 10-year-old essential channel.

2 Check your analytics

Review where traffic is coming from in Google Analytics (Acquisition> Channels). Most charities are getting more traffic from social media than from email. In the UK…

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