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Four helpful tips for
improving organisational performance from Bob Alves and Don Robertson, based on insights from their company’s work in more than 25 countries.

Dollar SignOver the years, we’ve learned the most successful not-for-profit CEOs adhere to the following four best practices:

1. Let the business strategy drive technology decision-making. With a clear business strategy you can design your operational systems and activities to achieve your goals. This is the basis for an environment of continuous performance improvement.

2. Focus on becoming a ‘continuous learning organisation.’ You must learn from your operational activities all the time, at every step of the way, to realise continuous performance improvement.

3. Ensure your data is accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible. Clean, real-time data that can be reported on and analysed is crucial to continuous performance improvement.

4. Recognise that your website is your business system and vice versa. You can no longer separate the two – a website providing personalised, dynamic content based on your constituent data, is your future engine for engagement and retention…

Assessing the real costs of your technology

This chart shows what it might look like over a seven-year period if you invest in a traditional Donor Management System (DMS) or CRM system. You might grow revenue somewhat from Year 1 to Year 7, but you’re also going to see your costs go up:

Traditional Systems Over 7 Years

But, with a more modern Engagement Management System (EMS) that allows you to manage your data, website, social, mobile access, events, and more from a single system, you can see how revenue grows while costs flatten over 7 years:

EMS Costs over 7 Years

Find out more in a free downloadable book

CEOBook_NFPThe above is an excerpt from Chapters 1 & 3 of ‘The Association/Not-for-Profit CEO’s Guide to Improving Organisational Performance’ by Bob Alves, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Solutions International (ASI) and Don Robertson, ASI’s President and Chief Technology Officer.

The pair co-founded ASI in 1991 and have grown it to the largest, founder-owned software company in the world for member and donor-based not-for-profits.

Their book offers behind-the-scenes tips and strategies to increase donor/member engagement and retention, reduce costs and improve organisational performance, based on work with more than 2,500 associations and 1,500 other nonprofit clients in over 25 countries.

ASI is now offering F&P readers a free copy of the book, ‘The Association/Not-for-Profit CEO’s Guide to Improving Organisational Performance’.

Download the full book here for not-for-profit leaders or association executives.



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