Giving Australia 2016: what’s it all about?


In the first of her series on the Giving Australia 2016 report, Associate Professor Wendy Scaife provides an overview.


Giving Australia 2016Despite the strict economic logic of our modern market economy, giving and volunteering behaviours have been resilient in transitioning from ancient cultures to remain a vital social exchange valued as the mark of a caring and compassionate society. (Individual Giving and Volunteering report, Giving Australia 2016 report series

To what extent Australian individuals, businesses and foundations are practically caring and compassionate formed the bedrock of the Giving Australia 2016 study, the largest such research ever undertaken in this country. In coming issues, F&P will profile core findings. This first article provides a background to the study, explains why it’s important and delivers some headline findings released so far.

Why countries study giving and volunteering

More than 20 countries conduct national studies of giving and volunteering, most more regularly than in Australia. Our last comprehensive investigation was the original Giving Australia in 2005. These…

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