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How the UK’s new £5 note has inspired random acts of charity kindness The new note has been launched and it has inspired people to donate the first one they receive to charity.

The Skills You Need To Succeed In Finance At A Non-Profit They say if you like what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. For Jumpstart COO, Jennifer Templeman, that couldn’t be truer.

Updating the Nonprofit Work Ethic How nonprofit leaders can protect themselves and their staff from burnout and achieve higher, more sustainable organizational performance.

Report: Human Service Agencies’ Contributions Soar but Retention Rates Plummet for All Nonprofits According to this new report from the Growth in Giving Analytics Initiative, human services agencies have done well recently at maintaining the higher level of contributions set during the Great Recession, but retention rates for them and, indeed, all nonprofits are seriously waning.

Westpac Seeks Social Business for $10M Program Westpac’s $10 million Businesses of Tomorrow program is open to applicants, and the bank said it wants for-purpose organisations and Not for Profits to nominate themselves for a piece of the pie.

Freeing the Lab Chimps: A Campaign that Succeeded “This marks the end of privately funded research on chimpanzees in the U.S. That’s a huge deal,” said Sarah Baeckler, who leads Project Chimps. “That’s the end of an era for these guys.”

Beautiful Music: Colorado Symphony Achieves First Real Surplus in 26 Years The Colorado Symphony seems to have turned a corner, but it took some evolution and revolutions along the way.

When Funders Pivot Towards Combating Inequality, Where Do The Arts Fit In? As more big foundations get focused on equity and more emerging donors fixate on dire problems, is arts funding heading for new trouble? For answers, we turn to California.

Report Reveals Biggest Charity Earners Australia’s top 25 charities had a total annual revenue of $25.2 billion in 2014 – the same amount as the combined annual revenue of the country’s bottom 44,891 charities, according to a major analysis of financial data held by the charity regulator the ACNC.

The Calculus for Commitment: The Power of Involving the Private Sector in Social Impact Networks Why social sector organisations should make engaging for-profit companies a normal part of their problem-solving strategies—and four ways to do it effectively.

A Rising Force: On the State of Black Philanthropy A report by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation a few years ago found that African Americans give away 25 percent more of their income per year than white Americans.

Taking Advocacy Campaigns Off Auto-pilot A lack of creativity in campaign tech can stifle social change.

The face of philanthropy: Zuckerberg sells another $95M in shares Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg sold $95 million in Facebook stock in recent days, bringing to nearly $300 million the value of shares sold during the past month.

Corporate philanthropy: growing through giving As social responsibility becomes increasingly prevalent, a diverse range of companies across Australia are creating volunteer programs to motivate employees to find meaning at work and increase job satisfaction.

Is giving to a rich university really a ‘moral injustice’? Bill Gates, in an interview with the Financial Times, asked why anyone would donate money to build a new museum wing rather than to prevent illnesses that can lead to blindness.

Corporate philanthropy: growing through giving As social responsibility becomes increasingly prevalent, a diverse range of companies across Australia are creating volunteer programs to motivate employees to find meaning at work and increase job satisfaction.

Fundraising on a budget and understanding the fundraising budget Budgets are important because they allow people to have conversations based in reality. They are tools for learning and accountability, but only if staff people and boards are familiar, even intimate with them.

Do donors care about results? An analysis of nonprofit arts and cultural organisations.

Keep your donors – it’s the right thing to do and it makes you more money! Treat your donors well because you should, darn it. That’s common courtesy and appropriate behaviour. It’s also the smart thing to do.

The trouble with philanthropy is that money can’t buy equality  Some of the best work is done at the grassroots, yet the power dynamic of philanthropy means this expertise is often ignored.

FIA pushes back against a campaign to remove the Do Not Call exemption for charities Last week Channel 9 in Brisbane produced a story on charitable fundraising by telemarketing. Under attack was the exemption charities currently enjoy from having to use the Do Not Call register. 

Future Generation Global announces $2.42 m donation to children and youth mental health charities Future Generation Global’s Board of Directors is delighted that in its first year FGG is able to donate $2.42 million.

Nonprofits must make a profit Almost half of Australia’s Not for Profit organisations expect to only break-even or make a loss over the next three years.

Charities get ‘red marks’ for failing to provide compulsory info to ACNC More than 3,500 charities around Australia received a ‘red mark’ against their name for not providing mandatory information to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) six months after it was due.

Disability service sector can’t meet NDIS demand A significant number of disability service organisations lack the financial capacity to meet the increased demand from the National Disability Insurance Scheme, according to new research.

Doing good by doing well The intersection of philanthropy and impact investing.

Marketing Agency Puts ‘Clickbait’ to Work for Charities A digital-marketing firm is aiming to use the familiar practice of luring internet users to websites with sensational and provocative headlines to help nonprofits promote causes and draw donations.

A Movement Without Letters Recognising there will never be enough funding to go around, it’s important to remember we can approach a restructuring of power not just through grantmaking, but also relationship-building.

Australia’s rich give little – and a culture of secrecy surrounds their philanthropy About 40% of Australia’s wealthiest are likely to be engaged in minimal – if any – giving.

ACNC penalties for charities Earlier this week the ACNC issued 13 penalty warning notices to charities. The recipients are all large charities (annual revenue of $1 million or more) and most are approaching one year overdue. They have contacted each of these charities multiple times by email and phone. The charities have 10 business days to submit their outstanding Annual Information Statements and annual financial reports to avoid penalties of up to $4,260 per charity.

$8 million bequeathed to the University of Queensland It was a twist of fate and a love of cats and culture that lead a Brisbane woman to bequeath $8 million to the University of Queensland.

5 reasons why social enterprise is the new business model Social enterprise has taken off as a new formula for success, combining capitalism with a do-gooder mentality.

Entries for 2016 Workplace Giving Awards open One Million Donors: The One Million Donors Workplace Giving Excellence Awards recognise the most outstanding Workplace Giving programs and performers in Australia.

Philanthropic group asks women for work as well as money The Maverick Collective wants women to give their expertise as well as money.
AskRight joins premier consultancy association Fundraising consultancy AskRight has joined the Giving Institute and says it is the only consultancy based in Australia and New Zealand to do so. One of the bonuses is that having completed the rigorous entry process and having been accepted, AskRight now has access to the annual Giving USA research for the Institute’s participants.
Sector should plan for philanthropy surge The marked rise in philanthropy among high net worth Australians, combined with the need for an improved non-profit sector to replace government funding in areas like aged care and social welfare, means philanthropy is set to transform the wealth management industry, according to Koda Capital.

How The $50 Billion Dollar Wedding Industry Could Be A Platform For Philanthropy Weddings are an ideal time to raise money for a cause, beyond just home furnishings.

Effective Marketing Tips For Your Corporate Philanthropy Programs The value of corporate philanthropies, while often started for the purpose of enjoying tax breaks, extends far beyond financial benefits.

Sector should plan for philanthropy surge The marked rise in philanthropy among high net worth Australians, combined with the need for an improved non-profit sector to replace government funding in areas like aged care and social welfare, means philanthropy is set to transform the wealth management industry, according to Koda Capital.
How the $5 billion dollar wedding industry could be a platform for philanthropy Weddings are an ideal time to raise money for a cause, beyond just home furnishings.

Inaugural Bank Australia Impact Fund Small Investments Round recipients announced Bank Australia invests 4% of its after-tax profits in projects that contribute to the ‘mutual prosperity of people, communities and the planet’ and in this round 13 customer organisations have received $120,000 in funding.

Street Swags founder Jean Madden arrested A former Young Australian of the Year finalist was charged with fraud after allegedly obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars in unauthorised expenses at an acclaimed Queensland charity.

What the Hilda Report has to tell us about wealth and poverty Charts the changes in wealth and poverty of Australian households over the 15-year history of the HILDA survey.

What helps foundations to deeply understand their beneficiaries? The Center for Effective Philanthropy in the US says nonprofit leaders have a sober assessment of foundations’ understanding of those they seek to help.

Why social investment is a threat to charity values The essential values of the social sector should be around openness, honesty and a commitment to providing platforms to those most in need, to help shape the support they require.

Are you sure you should be launching another partnership? For funders and founders thinking about launching a multi-stakeholder initiative for social impact, the question of “whether” is just as important as “how.”

Nonprofit Dress for Success Sydney a finalist in the NSW Telstra Business Awards In an acknowledgement of the nonprofit sector, this is the first year Telstra has included a Charity Award in its Business Awards. Winners will be announced on 29 July.   Nominations are now open for 2017 so don’t miss out!

Free financial guide now available for nonprofits A financial literacy guide has been launched for Australia’s 700,000 nonprofit organisations through a collaboration between Westpac and Chartered Accountants. The free Guide for Community Financial Officers will help to increase the knowledge of the financial officers and help board members better understand what is required of a financial officer.

Braille House is now into pizzas In a new initiative, Braille House has added to its suite of initiatives with Dominos through its Pizza Mogul program. Every Braille House 6-Dot Pizza sold will provide 75 cents to Braille House so it can continue and expand its vital services in the empowerment of people who are blind or have low vision.

2016 FIA Arthur Venn Fundraising Leadership Scholarship launched You can find out more about the scholarship – you need to be a FIA member to apply.

Graham and Louise Tuckwell give gift valued at $200 million to ANU Philanthropists Graham and Louise Tuckwell have announced Australia’s largest personal philanthropic contribution to a university, worth about $200 million over 30 years, to fund a major expansion of the prized Tuckwell Scholarship Program at The Australian National University.

Transforming activism: digital era advocacy organisations New types of civil society organisations are powerfully and successfully using technology to campaign online and offline for social, economic and environmental change.

New UK fundraising guidelines issued for charity trustees The UK Charity Commission has developed a guide for charity trustees about their role in fundraising.

Pay what it takes philanthropy A new grantmaking approach is needed—one that provides enough money for nonprofits to pay for all their operations, not just programs and services. The first step toward achieving that is for grantmakers to realise that different types of nonprofits have different cost structures.

UNICEF Australia has appointed Tony Stuart as CEO. The former Group CEO of the NRMA and former CEO of Sydney Airports Corporation was recently appointed Chair of the Advisory Board of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). His role will commence on 18 July.

Trump used Foundation money for charity auction purchase.

PayPal is rolling out an update to its mobile application which it hopes will put charitable giving in the forefront of customers’ minds.

Arts philanthropy a winning formula for artists and wealthy: the most recent Statistics Canada survey shows that Canadians donated $10.6-billion to charitable and non-profit organisations between 2007 and 2010, but just 3% went to arts and culture.


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