Fundraising innovation: get your crazy on!


Dan Geaves, who will be speaking at the upcoming F&P Fundraising Forum, shares four key characteristics that contribute to creating innovative fundraising ideas.


fundraising innovation Do you remember the day you decided you wanted to work in fundraising? I can. I remember feeling an intense mixture of excitement and sincerity. I committed myself to finding ways to use my background in psychological research, advertising and direct marketing as a platform for discovering how to become a committed fundraiser.

I never imagined, however, I’d be getting my ‘crazy’ on too. I didn’t think I’d help a charity to launch a series of toy animals. But I did. I didn’t think I’d be using a custom-made surfboard to start a relationship with supporters of lifesavers – or lock people in a prison cell to get them to free an illegally detained prisoner.

I didn’t think anyone would listen when I said, “Why don’t we build a massive guide dog?” and “You can collect data by asking people to…

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