Fund for Peace launches inaugural Bottom 100 to mark World Refugee Day


In light of the many ‘rich lists’ published every year Fund for Peace decided to publish the Bottom 100 to highlight the struggles of the poorest global citizens.


JJ Messner, Executive Director at Fund for Peace, said, “There is a human face to poverty, and we need to understand what leads someone into poverty. We want to spread understanding that much of the world’s poorest are impoverished through circumstances not of their own making, often the victims of conflict and displacement. We can take action by identifying and addressing the underlying drivers of poverty, such as conflict, displacement and discrimination. It is only when we understand the problem that we can do what we need to give people living in poverty the chance of a better life.”

A gallery of the Bottom 100 was displayed  in Sydney’s Surry Hills from 21 to 24 June. Visitors saw the faces of those within the Bottom 100 and read more about their stories of struggle and survival.

To see the faces and names behind the Bottom 100 and support the cause, visit

Story: Brad Mayall