Face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand


All face-to-face charities and agencies in New Zealand are members of the PFRA. Here Karen Ward tells us what’s working and where the pressures are.


Karen WardOver the last 11 years the New Zealand Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) has experienced an estimated 390% growth in charity and supplier members.
This is placing a huge demand on regulatory resources. New Zealand has an amazingly generous public but for long-term sustainability nonprofits need to take care and ensure their face-to-face teams are sustainable too, or we will start to see unsavoury practices. 

Although face-to-face fundraising is often heralded as one of the best forms of income generation for charities, it will only work if the market is viable and not oversaturated, and that means teams must be able to operate with a growth or maintenance strategy, no matter how conservative.

Regulatory resources under pressure

In 2006, charity members and supplier members created a PFRA self-regulatory model that has been updated, but essentially still stands today. At…

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