Pragmatic & practical: Equity Trustee’s Mick O’Brien


Equity Trustees’ Managing Director, Mick O’Brien, talks about collaboration, opportunities and challenges, and what philanthropy means to him personally. Nicole Richards reports.


Equity Trustee’s Mick O’BrienEstablished back in 1888 as an independent trustee and executor company, Equity Trustees has become one of the largest distributors of philanthropic funds in Australia. With more than 500 charitable trusts and funds under management, funds distributed in 2016 exceeded $70 million.

Equity Trustees’ Managing Director, Mick O’Brien, says the firm’s philanthropic services will continue to grow as the organisation deepens its collaborative approach and helps more newcomers to philanthropy get started on their giving journey.

O’Brien shared his thoughts with the ex editor of Generosity, Nicole Richards.

How is Equity Trustees responding to the changing needs and expectations of modern philanthropists?

We’re carrying on the legacy of clients who have been very generous with their philanthropic intent and those arrangements will continue on that front – that is, our commitment to carry out those instructions. Having said that, things do…

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