Does your website let you down?


Paul Beaton outlines five key areas that can make all the difference to your website. First impressions count

Your website is one of the first places that someone will go to find out about you. Often, this will be the first time they have come across your organisation. As the saying goes - first impressions count!

You would never print a brochure that was off-brand, contained out of date information, had spelling mistakes and was difficult to read; yet this is a regular occurrence on websites, which will leave visitors feeling unimpressed, confused and unengaged. Not following best practice with your online presence is likely to result in you missing out on potential donors, volunteers or members.

Essentially - if you don't care about your website; the people viewing it won't care about you. The good news is that having a great website doesn't necessarily require a large budget; just considering the five following areas is a great way to get started.

1. What you say and how you say it

Good design is…

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