Digi.Raise 2016


Digi.Raise #draise is back in 2016 – with a new expanded program!

Presented by Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine, Digi.Raise showcases best practice digital fundraising and supporter engagement, and this year will include a half-day masterclass with Norwegian digital expert Beate Sørum on June 1 and a new expanded program of one and a half days of inspiring and informative presentations on digital fundraising.

This year’s Digi.Raise program includes two presentations by Charity: water, one of the leading charities in the world in terms of digital content marketing and fundraising. Other program highlights include topics on mobile fundraising, online donor acquisition, crowdfunding, email appeals, social media and more.

Bringing together some of the biggest names and leading minds from overseas and locally, Digi.Raise will help you learn the latest skills, trends and techniques you need to take your fundraising ahead in the digital age.

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Fast Facts


June 1 & 2, 2016


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne


Digi.Raise Only
June 1, 1pm – 5:30pm & June 2, 8:30am – 5pm


Half-day Beate Sørum Website Masterclass Only
June 1, 8.30am – 1pm


Combined Digi.Raise and half-day Masterclass


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Presenters/Panellists Topics
Digi.Raise Masterclass: June 1, 8.30am – 1pm
Beate Sørum Getting the most out of your website
Digi.Raise conference: June 1, 1pm – 5:30pm & June 2, 8.30am – 5pm
Beate Sørum From good intentions to more web donations
James Herlihy Advanced personalisation online: using responsiveness to boost acquisition and stewardship
Amy Vale Charity: water case study: Who’s at your table? campaign
Amy Vale Charity: water case study: Engaging supporters in the digital world
Eddie O’Loughlin, Jeremy Bennett Amnesty International Australia: How a creative, integrated, multi-channel approach was successfully used across a number of campaigns
Jasmine de Boni Driving an internal culture of philanthropy – digitally
Tom Dawkins, Prashan Paramanathan, Rick Chen, Tania Burstin Panel: Crowdfunding best practice
Luke Edwards How to influence social referrals to increase support
Lisa Miller, Andrew Hill Premium SMS – new case study trial results
Steve Francis, Nigel Hokin, Meredith Dwyer Panel: Peer-to-peer online fundraising – new developments + top tips
Mary Anne Plummer Cut-through digital creative
Various speakers I Wish I’d Thought Of That
Paul Ramsbottom Self service – an online opportunity for fundraisers
Aaron Lamb Two in one: tracking and targeting using Google Analytics & Facebook advertising
Jonathon Grapsas Thumbs up: the future of mobile fundraising in Australia



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Topics and Speakers

Half day Masterclass

Wednesday, June 1, 8.30am – 1pm

Getting the most out of your website

Being user oriented and goal driven is the first step towards getting the most out of your website.

In this session international speaker and fundraiser Beate Sørum will explain why having a clear strategy that is aligned to your organisation’s business goals is crucial with websites, and teach you how to make and maintain one.

Having lots of interesting content may not attract the kind of attention you want from users. And users may be reading your interesting content but not donating. Using the Core Model, you will learn how to find and improve your key content, so that the users will find it and take desired action.

Beate will teach you how to do user research, and connect user needs with business goals.

Do you dream of having a durable web strategy rather than one that changes constantly? Beate will explain what a durable web strategy looks like and how to design and implement one.

Learn how to overcome organisational ‘silos’ that don’t collaborate and work together towards common goals with common responsibilities.

Learn how to plan and maintain your web site, rather than constantly producing content no one ends up reading, or fighting about banner ads on the home page that don’t work anyway.

Key learnings:

  • Developing strategy for your website
  • How to design inside out for websites
  • How to learn about your users
  • How to lead a design process that is user focused
  • Making your website more engaging for your target audience
  • How to raise more money

Presenter: Beate Sørum @BeateSorum

Norway-based Beate Sørum is highly sought after as a speaker and consultant on the international circuit and runs her own agency, B.bold. A highly experienced digital fundraiser, Beate was part of a team that helped the Norwegian Cancer Society triple their return on digital fundraising.

Since then she has consulted to a wide range of organisations in Norway, as well as internationally, doing whole web site redesigns. Her areas of speciality are web design with a user centred approach, content strategy, digital fundraising and integrated fundraising She has been a repeat presenter at the IFC, AFP (Toronto) and IoF National Convention (London), and has spoken at national fundraising conferences in a number of countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland and Central Europe.

Previous clients include Greenpeace International; Plan International (Norway); Norwegian Red Cross and UNA Sweden.

Beate has her own blog, Beate Thinks Out Loud! – in English too


Digi.Raise conference

June 1, 1pm – 5:30pm & June 2, 8.30am – 5pm

Advanced personalisation online: using responsiveness to boost acquisition and stewardship

Does your charity need regular givers? Are you interested in lead acquisition but haven’t found the answer online yet?

In this session, James Herlihy will show you how some charities are using interactive surveys, responsive supporter journeys and more to acquire high quality leads (for below market prices!), build relationships with supporters and develop them to higher levels of commitment. While we know personalisation works for fundraising, and the technology to do it better online is there, few charities are really exploring the possibilities of responsive storytelling and interaction online.

Come and find out how you could start using these techniques – and boost your regular giving acquisition program – now.

Presenter: James Herlihy, Digital Strategist, Pareto Fundraising @JamesPublic

James HerlihyWith a decade of experience at Australian nonprofits and government departments, James joined Pareto Fundraising in June 2013 as digital strategist, after his most recent roles at Amnesty International Australia and Austcare (ActionAid International Australia).

His five years at Amnesty saw James working on everything from top-end strategy for supporter engagement, digital activism, fundraising and marketing to the daily hands-on elements like e-mail, social media, web content and multimedia production and management. He led production of a number of highly successful fundraising initiatives including the renowned ‘Radios for Burma’, Dictionaries for asylum seekers’ and ‘Freedom from fences’ campaigns; the former two both doubled income records for online fundraising campaigns at Amnesty at the time.

Charity: water case study: Who’s at your table? campaign

In 2015, New York-based Charity: water launched an online platform that lived on their website’s homepage called “Who’s At Your Table?”. The goal of this campaign was to provide people with a giving experience, rather than simply asking people to donate to Charity: water during the holidays.

This was done by encouraging supporters to reflect and honour their loved ones with a donation for clean water. Thus the act of giving was a gift in itself, and inspired generosity, recognition, togetherness, and impact. Charity: water also wanted the people who had been honoured with a donation to love the experience so much that they created their own “table”.

Key learnings will be focused around supporter insights, how to plan a campaign and how to measure success beyond a financial goal.

Presenter: Amy Vale, Chief Marketing Officer, Charity: water @charitywater

Amy Vale is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Charity: water, an international nonprofit with a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing countries.

In eight years, with the help of more than 500,000 donors worldwide, Charity: water has raised over $180 million and funded over 16,000 water projects in 25 countries. When completed, those projects will provide over 5.2 million people with clean, safe drinking water.

Amy began her career in Australia as a marketing executive for XM2, a photographic and web design agency in Melbourne. She later worked at Whybin/TBWA as a copywriter developing campaigns for such brands as Mars, Pacific Brands, and Nissan. Amy has also held senior marketing and operations positions for JobsJobsJobs.com.au, Infiniti Telecommunications, Zinc Group and Kidspot.com.au.




I Wish I’d Thought of That (in association with sofii)

Want to know what’s great in digital? Want to know what’s getting your peers excited? This is a fast-paced, dynamic session where a host of speakers do short, sharp mini-presentations on examples of digital fundraising and marketing that have got their brains buzzing and synapses sparking.

Importantly this is a session where the speakers showcase the work of other organisations, it’s stuff they’ve seen out there in the market and were impressed by. In other words, it’s digital work they wish they’d dreamed up!

“I Wish I’d Thought of That” is a concept by sofii (Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration) and has been done at conferences around the world. This is the first time it is being done in Australia.

Sponsored by: flat earth direct @flatearthdirect

flat-earth-direct-logoflat earth direct is an agency that specialises in direct response fundraising for good causes, with a particular emphasis on digital, mobile and direct mail. The name is derived from the way in which they connect with people: they bring the best people, not the closest, to all of their projects.

Having worked all over the planet, flat earth direct lives and breathes the mantra that everything is different, yet everything is the same. There are more similarities in the way people behave than differences.

Some of their clients include the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, RSPCA, Autism Spectrum Australia, Mater Foundation, Make a Wish, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation, Minda, Cancer Council Queensland and Animal Welfare League NSW.

From good intentions to more web donations

Seemingly small changes can have an immense impact on how much money charities raise online, says Beate Sørum. When she was part of a team that redesigned donation forms and user flow on the Norwegian Cancer Society web page, the number of regular donors signing up online increased tenfold, and the overall digital income tripled. Learn how not to be like one of the many charities who lose significant amounts of money because the design of their donation page is problematic.

Beate’s philosophy is simple: if users are thinking about your donation form, they’re not thinking about giving. Even when people’s intentions are good and they mean to donate, they can be easily distracted and this can mean they do not finish the process of donating…unless the forms have been made so easy to use they are practically invisible.

Thinking of the donation page as a conversation is the approach Beate recommends, where the only questions included are those that are relevant to the conversation.

Beate will share best practice for donation form design, and how to get users to your forms, even when they came to do something else.


Presenter: Beate Sørum


Amnesty International Australia: How a creative, integrated, multi-channel approach was successfully used across a number of campaigns.

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video can paint a million. 18 million that is. This is the number of times Amnesty International’s video campaign about Syrian families was viewed on Facebook, and the total reach was 80 million. The video formed part of Amnesty International’s Syrian fundraising campaign, a campaign that was fully integrated with other channels, including mobile and Facebook. Be inspired as you hear how experiential virtual reality was used on mobile phones to engage supporters and Facebook ads that used social proof to encourage people to donate. Also hear how with the right approach, a warm cash appeal can be segmented to become both a regular giving conversion and acquisition campaign.

Learn what makes a successful integrated campaign when you hear about Amnesty’s ‘Women’s Lives Matter’, a fully integrated tax campaign that raised $350,000. The five-week campaign highlighted women’s rights issues across the globe and focused on a different country each week: Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador and Iraq. Key learnings will include how to do an effective homepage hijack, evolving landing pages, tactics to use for matched giving and how to get the most out of your EDMs.

Co-presenter: Eddie O’Loughlin, Digital Fundraising Program Coordinator, Amnesty International Australia @amnestyoz

An adaptable fundraiser with experience across design, creative development, print production, video, face-to-face & all digital marketing channels, Eddie O’Loughlin is fairly new to digital fundraising, having worked for Mission Australia for four years before he moved to Amnesty International Australia in early 2015.

Drawing on his extensive experience in social media marketing and design, Eddie recently created and implemented the largest online appeal in Amnesty International Australia’s history, and created a video for a Christmas Syria appeal that reached 18 million viewers worldwide and added 75,000 new Facebook followers in less than a month.  He believes that creative uses of the online space, telling stories with ‘soul’ and the ability to understand online audiences are the building blocks for great campaigns.

Co-presenter: Jeremy Bennett, Supporter Acquisition Manager, Amnesty International Australia @amnestyoz

Working for the UK’s largest homeless and housing charity, Shelter, marked Jeremy Bennett’s entry into the fundraising world in 2010. At Shelter he managed a number of new acquisition and retention initiatives, including the ‘Criminal landlord campaign’, a committed giving PSMS mobile campaign ‘Connected’, and the hugely successful 2012 ‘homeless children’ Xmas integrated campaign.  He later managed the Acquisition Team at World Animal Protection, with a focus on digital acquisition and integrated campaigns.

Jeremy currently manages Amnesty International Australia’s Acquisition fundraising team. This team is responsible for the recruitment of financial donors for Amnesty International Australia, including regular givers (Human Rights Defenders) and cash donors across a range of channels such as face-to-face and door-to-door, digital, print, telemarketing, and integrated above the line appeals. 




Driving an internal culture of philanthropy – digitally

Increasing an awareness and understanding of the power of philanthropy amongst your “internal” audience of staff and other stakeholders is arguably just as important as promoting your need to your “external” audience of donors and potential supporters.

With this in mind the University of Melbourne set out to promote philanthropy to its staff (who can both give and influence giving through interactions with donors) and student body (the next generation of donors to the uni).

In 2015 the uni ran an innovative 1-week digital campaign called Seeing is Believing to promote the importance of philanthropy to its internal audience. The campaign piggy-backed off the uni’s successful major capital campaign called Believe – The Campaign for The University of Melbourne, and Jasmine will share the “how-to” of the campaign, examples of the creative used, key stats and results from the campaign, and the learnings that came out of it.

Presenter: Jasmine de Boni, Digital Communications Manager, University of Melbourne @unimelb

Jasmine is a highly experienced digital communications specialist who has worked for government and nonprofit organisations. In her role as Digital Insights Analyst at the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (now DEDJTR), she was lead analyst in a pilot for the Victorian Government to create a social media monitoring hub. The objective was to understand what the community was talking about on social media during emergencies and more generally, with a view to providing feedback to decision makers around policy to improve services.

Previous roles include Communications Consultant for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and NZ Book Council, and she also has her own copywriting business. In her role as Digital Communications Manager at the University of Melbourne Jasmine manages communications with alumni, donors and staff on all digital channels.

Panel: Crowdfunding best practice

Crowdfunding is emerging as a significant fundraising tool for some nonprofit organisations, and in this session, experts from four leading crowdfunding platforms will share their tips and tricks on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. What are the key factors for success? What is the process to follow? What is the formula to create a persuasive proposition? What are the traps to be aware of? All this and much more!

Panellists: Tom Dawkins, Co-founder and Director, Start Some Good; Prashan Paramanathan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chuffed; Rick Chen, Co-founder, Pozible and Tania Burstin, Director, mycause.

Tom Dawkins, Co-founder and Director, Start Some Good @StartSomeGood

Co-founder and Director of social change crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood.com, Tom Dawkins has been exploring how technology and culture can be harnessed as tools to create a more democratic and participatory society for 20 years. Start Some Good has delivered more than $5 million to social impact projects in 30 countries since it was launched in mid 2011. Tom is also the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival and has been a strategist and adviser to numerous companies and organisations.

He founded Vibewire Youth Inc. in 2000 while he was at university, building it into an award-winning youth-led nonprofit with offices in three states. He also spent several years working in Washington DC as the first Social Media Director at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, the world’s leading organisation supporting social entrepreneurs with a presence in over 50 countries.

Prashan Paramanathan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chuffed @Chuffed

Prashan launched Chuffed.org in October 2013 with the help of seed grant from the Telstra Foundation. With some 250 campaigns running at any given time, Chuffed.org is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms for social causes, in Australia, the US, UK and Europe. It has raised over $6.5M for over 1,800 projects in 19 countries.

Before launching Chuffed.org Prashan worked as a Senior Consultant at Social Ventures Australia, where he developed strategic plans for several corporates, and nonprofits, including Alzheimer’s Australia NSW, Teach for Australia and Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. He has also worked in the finance sector, and holds a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Rick Chen, Co-founder, Pozible @Pozible

Armed with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Northwestern Polytechnic University in China, Rick Chen moved to Australia to undertake a Master’s degree in Digital Media Design at the University of Sydney. And in no time his keen interest in web-based technology, user interface design and innovative ideas that change people’s behaviour converged with his entrepreneurial streak, and he co-founded Pozible with Alan Crabbe. That was six years ago, and since then Pozible has become the third biggest crowdfunding platform in the world, having launched 10, 627 projects with almost $43.5 million pledged. In 2013, Rick was selected by The Australian newspaper as one of the top 20 Australians to watch for the year.

Tania Burstin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, mycause @mycausecomau

Tania is passionate about technology and its application for cause based fundraising in the nonprofit sector and general community. She founded award-winning crowdfunding platform mycause in 2007 with her distinctive philosophy on how to succeed in crowdfunding. mycause has raised more than $35 million for Australian charities and personal causes and was a finalist in the 2013 & 2015 Telstra Business Awards. Tania is a leader in cause-funding innovation and is always striving to develop new products and methodologies to increase giving. She is also passionate about her bike, her family and travel.

How to influence social referrals to increase support

Just as people are strongly influenced by their peers in the offline world, they are also heavily influenced by their peers in the online world. Developing strategies to leverage the personal networks of your supporters is essential in increasing online conversion rates and greatly improve the ROI of your online activity. In fact, a strategy to increase social referrals should improve online conversions by approximately 20% – 30%.

In this session, Luke Edwards will show you a range of tactics and techniques by which you can influence, increase and measure social endorsement to increase support for your cause.

Presenter: Luke Edwards, Director, Elevate Fundraising @elevatefund

Luke started his career as fundraising project manager at the MS Society, where he managed their annual events program, including the MS Walk and the Sydney to Gong Bike Ride. During his time at MS Luke developed and implemented a range of digital strategies, and fundraising through events increased from $200,000 a year to over $2.6 million annually over a three-year period.

From here he moved to digital agency Profero and headed up a new department specifically working with the nonprofit sector on fundraising initiatives.

In 2010, Luke started his own consultancy, Elevate Fundraising, which specialises in the use of digital channels. His current clients include MS Society, RSPCA, The Fred Hollows Foundation, The Smith Family and a range of others. In 2013, Luke co-founded Great Cycle Challenge with Greg Johnson, which has raised more than $8 million for children’s medical research in the past 3 years.

Premium SMS – new case study trial results

It’s been used in the UK for quite some time now, but Premium SMS is finally coming to Australia. A handful of charities have been selected by the telcos to trial this new form of fundraising, and in this session you will hear how it’s been going. Lisa Miller from Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) will share why they have decided to use this new fundraising tool primarily for acquisition and how they’re going about it. CPA’s two-stage pilot will be mainly done outdoors and involves using coding and keywords so the location of responses can be tracked.

The Salvation Army ran their first trial of Premium SMS over Christmas 2015 with Carols in the Domain and with some targeted TV advertising. They received 3200 SMS’s in total. Hear about some of the nerve-wracking moments along the way and key learnings.

Presenter: Lisa Miller, Head of Direct Marketing, Cerebral Palsy Alliance @CPAllianceAU

With a background in direct marketing, Lisa made the move to the nonprofit sector in 2005, as a Bequest Officer at Barnardo’s UK. From there she moved to the NSPCC, and in 2009, a six month project management role at British Heart Foundation within the direct marketing team led to a permanent role as Acquisition Manager, managing a small team and multi-million pound expenditure budget across a number of recruitment channels including TV, face-to-face, mail and Phone. A one year secondment to Head of Customer Care, managing a team of 23 across the Donor Services and Data Teams, was followed by a position as Head of Direct Marketing, managing a team of 12 and multi-million dollar revenue and expenditure budgets. In January 2015 she moved to Sydney from London to head up the Direct Marketing and Donor Services team at Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Presenter: Andrew Hill, Community Fundraising Director, The Salvation Army @salvos

Andrew HillAndrew has been worked at The Salvation Army for 13 years, and has been Community Fundraising Director for the past two years. One of the fundraising campaigns he is responsible for is the Red Shield Appeal Doorknock, which involves more than 60,000 volunteers. Andrew puts the donor at the centre of community fundraising, and believes fundraising is about helping people see that they can do amazing things for people in need.

Andrew holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science from Charles Sturt University.

Panel: Peer-to-peer online fundraising – new developments and top tips

Peer-to-peer (P2P) online fundraising is a powerful way to raise money as it taps into your supporters’ own personal networks. And since P2P fundraisers usually raise more and are more engaged than a regular donors, and are likely to do the same again for you next year, the question is, why wouldn’t you do it?

As technology evolves, so are the ways in which P2P online fundraising can work for your organisation. In this session you will hear top tips from three online fundraising platforms on how to create and host your own P2P event. Learn about the latest developments as technology continues to evolve and facilitate new and better ways to engage supporters, including enabling them to track the time and activities they have dedicated to your cause, as well as money raised.

Steve Francis, Managing Director, Frontstream Asia Pacific @frontstream

Steve FrancisFor the past 20 years, Steve has worked in community services with a focus on fundraising, policy development and advocacy, people management and stakeholder engagement. Describing himself as a ‘business rainmaker’, Steve has also owned and operated a number of businesses in the solar energy, telecommunications, essential services and online marketing sectors. He is passionate about growing businesses that create social good and generate ongoing and sustainable revenue streams. He holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Melbourne.

Nigel Hokin, Chief Executive Officer, Pixo @pixotech

Nigel HokinNigel Hokin is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of PIXO, a technology firm that has provides an integrated web platform that helps nonprofit organisations consolidate their digital content, event, donation and fundraising capability in a single digital ecosystem. Nigel has 15 years of experience in the enterprise IT sector and prior to founding PIXO managed the Enterprise & Partner Group for Microsoft Victoria, where he led a team of account executive and technology strategists engaged on large telco, mining and retail accounts.

Meredith Dwyer, EMFIA, CFRE, Digital Strategist, HomeMade Digital Australia @homemadedigital

Meredith DwyerMeredith has worked with leading nonprofit organisations across Australia as a fundraiser, consultant and event producer for more than 20 years. A leader in the development of cause related marketing in Australia, she has established multi-million dollar, award-winning partnerships that have been showcased and published internationally as examples of best practice.  Her peer-to-peer online fundraising campaigns for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane grew their digital revenue from $250,000 to $1 million in 12 months.

In 2011, Meredith joined CauseForce as Managing Director Australia/New Zealand, leading the growth of their blockbusting fundraising events in the region.  In five years The Ride to Conquer Cancer and Weekend to End Women’s Cancers have raised over $100 million for cancer charities in Australia and New Zealand. She is now expanding her role in the sector with leading global digital agency, Homemade, helping charities raise more money online.




Cut-through digital creative

We like to call it ‘content’. But to most people, even ones like you, your digital content is just ‘stuff’ they can very easily choose to ignore.

Unless, of course, it shoots them in the heart.

Or causes them to lift their hand involuntarily to their forehead, makes them shake – or nod, and compels them to read more, watch again, click, or reach for their credit card.

And that will depend on what stuff is in your stuff. In this session with plenty of examples and case studies, Mary Anne Plummer will show you how to use stories, words and images to best effect in digital and social channels. You will learn how to use the At-A-Glance test and attention-seeking tactics in your creative. This will be very much a ‘how to’ session, with relevance for anyone who produces their own creative, or has to assess creative provided by suppliers.

Presenter: Mary Anne Plummer, Pareto Fundraising @paretotweets

Mary Anne PlummerMary Anne Plummer says her past careers in journalism and advertising have prepared her for “the job I was meant to do when I grew up’ – being Pareto Fundraising’s Creative Director. While she’s written many a campaign with above-the-line, direct mail and digital components in her time, Mary Anne is an out-and-proud “technological dyslexic”.

She believes it is an under-reported condition in the charity sector, but need not be an impediment to successful digital fundraising. And she should know.

Mary Anne and her team at Pareto have taken some powerful and effective digital campaigns to the market in this past year, and learned a lot in the process. She’ll be sharing some of those experiences with you without apps, bluetooth, hashtags or air drops.

Self service – an online opportunity for fundraisers

As a fundraiser you want to make things as easy and personal as possible for your donors and supporters, as well as for your time poor staff. So why not give donors and supporters the ability to manage their engagement and interactions with your organisation, as well as their data?

This is the suggestion from Paul Ramsbottom, who believes in putting yourself in your supporter’s shoes. He will examine what would motivate a donor and supporter to come to your website, create an account and manage their engagement with your organisation.

Be inspired as he shares how providing your constituents with a personalised account, with choices for engagement, and opportunity for participation can improve your retention and acquisition programs. Learn about the opportunities and possibilities available when a donor or supporter participates with your organisation online – how content can be customised according to their interests, and how you can turn latent supporters into champions for your organisation.

Presenter: Paul Ramsbottom, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Advanced Solutions International (ASI) @advsol

Paul Ramsbottom ASIOver the last 20 plus years Paul has worked with more professional bodies, industry associations, charities and fundraisers than most people would gather in several lifetimes. His career has exclusively been in the nonprofit sector, beginning when he was asked to build a database for his father’s golf club as a university student. Before long other golf clubs and associations and charities started using Paul’s system, and in 1994 his company, PAR Computers, was appointed country distributor for iMIS, taking it throughout Australia and New Zealand.  ASI acquired Paul’s company in 2000, joining it to the worldwide ASI structure and giving Paul responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region as Managing Director.  ASI Asia-Pacific now has more than 600 nonprofit clients in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. 

Paul is a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors, Australian Institute of Management, Fundraising Institute Australia and Australasian Society of Association Executives.

Two in one: Tracking and targeting Using Google Analytics & Facebook advertising

How do people find out about your organisation in the digital space and how can you encourage them to donate? In this session Aaron Lamb from Oxfam will explain how tracking user behaviour with Google Analytics led to a deeper understanding of what their supporters and donors were interested in and how they reached the decision to donate…and resulted in a 35% increase in income year on year.

Find out why getting users to click on a story on Facebook that doesn’t ask people to donate is worth $100,000.

Tips for Facebook advertising will also be covered, including ways to segment data and retargeting.

Presenter: Aaron Lamb, Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, Oxfam Australia @oxfamaustralia

Aaron Lamb Oxfam AustraliaPassionate about analytics and model attribution, Aaron has created a channel specific strategy to engage with Oxfam International’s digital audience.

He managed, ran and executed all digital for the Nepal earthquake, which generated more than $8 million income in 48 hours. He also managed and executed a search campaign for the Typhoon Haiyan emergency with an ROI of 8:1. One of his most recent achievements is a campaign for Syrian refugees which raised $200,000 and led to a 6% conversion to regular givers.

Some of Aaron’s previous roles include Digital Marketing Advisor at St Vincent de Paul and Digital Marketing and Communications Advisor for Lonely Planet.

Charity: water case study – engaging supporters in the digital world

Charity: water is known internationally for its sophisticated digital fundraising campaigns and content marketing. Based in New York, Charity: water is gearing up to celebrate their 10th year of service in bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in need. The organisation has long followed a strategy of focusing on the positive and emphasising hope, rather than guilt.

In this session, Amy Vale will explain how and why Charity: water delivers inspiration across their marketing initiatives and digital products. From education, to engaging potential supporters, to encouraging people to give, this presentation will uncover how high-impact marketing campaigns are executed within the cluttered online and mobile space. Delegates will also learn the critical role storytelling, beautiful photography, videos, and design play in Charity: water’s success.

Presenter: Amy Vale, Chief Marketing Officer, Charity: water @charitywater

Thumbs up: the future of mobile fundraising in Australia

Aussie charities have been relatively slow on the uptake of fundraising with mobile phones. Whilst mobile optimisation and peer-to-peer event apps are part of our everyday vernacular, using SMS and Premium SMS (pSMS) to generate new supporters is less so. Until now. 

Jonathon Grapsas will share some data from recent case studies highlighting the power of fundraising with your thumbs. In a worts and all show and tell, we’ll look at all aspects of generating leads via SMS (everything from trams to shopping centre table tops), how mobile will soon be second behind only face-to-face in terms of regular giving recruitment and the implications for Australian charities over the next 5 years. 

Presenter: Jonathon Grapsas, director, flat earth direct @jonathongrapsas

Jonathon Grapsas

Jonathon is the founder and director at flat earth direct, an agency dedicated to direct response fundraising for good causes. Jonathon has spent 14 years working with charities all around the world. Initially in the UK, and more recently in Canada and his native Australia.

An entertaining, engaging and sought after presenter, Jonathon brings a rare mix of inspiration and pragmatism to the sessions he delivers.

Jonathon currently works with around 20 charities in Australia. He has a vast amount of experience helping charities great and small transform their individual giving programs, with a particular focus on regular giving through mobile and digital fundraising.


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