Developing a new website: how to get your CMS right


Developing a new website can be more complex than expected. Here Bertie Bosrédon shares his tips to getting the all-important content management system right.


developing a new websiteWith the increasing emphasis on digital fundraising for the delivery of services  and information, many nonprofits are looking to update their (often) outdated, clumsy and sometimes creaking websites. However, this is not always a straightforward task.

A successful digital presence is much more than a website. It comprises: a payment gateway, email broadcasting tool, campaigning platform, social media channel, key strategies and tactical plans (marketing, fundraising etc), digital culture (skills and competencies), internal processes (production workflows etc), insight and analytics, data capture, data flow and so on.

Some organisations think they can compensate for a dysfunctional website with a good social media presence or an intense email marketing program. They are wrong. A robust website remains the foundation of your digital presence and all of the above elements are connected.

The first step to developing a new website…

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