Don’t miss the digital fundraising special in the Jun Jul 2017 issue of F&P! Plus you can learn what differentiates the best leader and how Mark Stewart’s team increased its Radiothon campaign revenue to $1.2 million – with the help of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead’s corporate partners. Fran Boardman shows how to encourage donations and loyalty with her best practice fundraising letter writing tips while Associate Professor Wendy Scaife says the biggest concern around givers and volunteers in the Giving Australia 2016 report is fewer givers, giving more.


8    Sargeant on fundraising Adrian Sargeant explains why it’s worth sparing a thought for the Brits!
10    Givers and volunteers: part three of our Giving Australia 2016 series
12    We reveal the trends from the 2017 Pareto Fundraising benchmarking
14    An analysis of the latest McNair Ingenuity Research report
16    Telefundraising Learn how the Children’s Hospital at Westmead doubled its Radiothon income
18    Regular giving/face-to-face Discover what’s working and where the pressures are for New Zealand’s PFRA
20    Film/television fundraising Keen to understand your digital marketing performance and what drives search donation? Learn about macro and micro approaches here
22    Best practice Getting your fundraising letters right will encourage donations and loyalty
DIGITAL special
24    Time to take a more strategic approach to your social media planning?
26    Learn what’s behind the Dry July peer-to-peer fundraising campaign
28    Knowing what you say and how people search is essential to SEO
30    How to plan an online survey or pledge campaign for two-step acquisition
31     Top crowdfunding ideas that use the power of social media to generate impact
32    Leadership Discover why it’s a principled, values-driven approach that differentiates leaders
34    Trusts/foundations The Vincent Fairfax Family Trust now comprises four generations of the family
36    individual giving Lifeline’s two-step suicide prevention campaign garnered great results
38    Professional development F&P reviews the FIA’s Fundraising Essentials course
40    Philanthropy Wheelton Philanthropy’s Paul Wheelton is clearly aware of his purpose in life
44    Talking point We asked three fundraisers: When is the right time to let a donor go?
   Sector update
42    Gift table
46    Business directory
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48    Courses & conferences
50    5 minutes with a fundraiser

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