Current issue: February March 2017

The February March 2017 issue of Fundraising & Philanthropy is now available. Inside we reveal the winners of the Fundraising Institute Australia annual awards. In addition, Associate Professor Wendy Scaife offers an overview of Giving Australia 2016, Jim Weber explains the benefits of repositioning your cause with a revitalised mission statement and Karen Armstrong shares her key takeaways from 2016. And don't miss our case studies: a small gallery's capital campaign, YMCA NSW's corporate partnership and Sing for Good's video challenge. Plus there’s lots more!



8    Sargeant on fundraising
Adrian Sargeant asks why nonprofits still accept unqualified fundraising staff
10    Opinion
An overview and key takeaways from 2016
12    Regular giving/face-to-face
Anthea Iva wonders whether face-to-face will survive the challenges of 2016
18    Trends/benchmarking
The first part of our series on the Giving Australia 2016 report
20    Leadership
The benefits of repositioning your cause with a revitalised mission statement
22    Fundraising strategy
How Snowdome Foundation and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision collaborated
24    Event
Find out what makes the Sing for Good Video Challenge tick
26    Banking/investment
Could investing your funds be a worthwhile move for your nonprofit?
27    Fundraising Institute Australia 2017 awards special
We reveal the organisations and individuals that have been honoured and share some case studies from winning campaigns
36    Capital campaign
This grassroots gallery acquired some valuable insights when it ran its first-ever campaign
38    Individual giving
Targeting middle donors: the benefits, what’s involved and building this group
40    Film/television fundraising
Learn how film can help to bring your bequest program to life
42    Social enterprise
Discover how YWCA NSW achieved its success with The Song Kitchen cafe – thanks to the corporate support of Mirvac
44    Philanthropy
Meet US impact philanthropist Sonia Jones from Pure Edge Inc and Sonima
48    Talking point
How important is branding and business identity to your organisation?

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6    Sector update
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