Current issue: Aug Sep 2017

Inside this issue, you’ll meet F&P’s six Movers & Shakers of 2017 plus we’ve introduced a new section that will give you a more international flavour on the topic of fundraising – check out our stories by Usha Menon, Beate Sørum, Adrian Sargeant and Bob Burdenski. Retaining staff is also a hot topic. We asked three fundraising leaders for their perspectives on the issue plus Susan Williamson from Walter & Eliza Hall Institute asks why marketing professionals are taken so seriously yet fundraising professionals aren’t considered ‘quite up to scratch’.



8    Trends/benchmarking
Business giving and volunteering: part four of our Giving Australia 2016 series
10    UK: Adrian Sargeant asks whether many communications staff have ‘lost the plot’
12    Asia: Usha Menon on China’s emerging philanthropy and civic engagement
14    US: Bob Burdenski shows how to up the ante on your educational fundraising  
16    Europe: Beate Sørum says it makes no sense not to invest in digital infrastructure
18    Professional development
Why aren’t fundraising professionals considered quite ‘up to scratch’?
20    Growth star
What helped Greenpeace turn around its ailing acqusition and retention strategy?
24    Regular giving/face-to-face
How did Australia for UNHCR achieve the best retention rate for face-to-face?
28    Movers & shakers 2017
We reveal the fundraisers who have been going above and beyond
34    Telefundraising
Making a successful transition from telesales to telefundraising: Guide Dogs WA
36    Individual giving
Mary Anne Plummer shares 12 top tips to getting your new appeal ‘unstuck’
38    Direct mail
It was fundamental fundraising principles that brought success for Peter Mac
40    Film/television fundraising
Should charities move to values-based offers and restricted funding?
42    Fundraising strategy
Learn four characteristics that contribute to creating innovative fundraising ideas
44    Digital
Discover what worked for Chuffed’s 2016 premium Christmas catalogue
46    Leadership
With social and environmental situations worsening, is it time to invest differently?
48    Philanthropy
Mick O’Brien from Perpetual Trustees is both pragmatic and practical
52    Talking point
What is the best way to retain staff?
6    Making news
22    Subscribe today!
50    Gift table
54    Business directory
56    Momentum
57    Industry insider
58    5 minutes with a fundraiser: Warrick Saunders

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