Could it be time to take nonprofit and charity governance to a new level? Should financial strength and making a profit become core to board strategy? Phil Butler discusses
why these key themes emerged from the AICD governance study.


charity governanceThe nonprofit sector is a critical component of Australia’s society, often dealing with the most disadvantaged and disaffected people within the community. Without an effective nonprofit sector, our society does not operate properly. Despite this, many nonprofit organisations are left to operate in an environment that those in other sectors would not tolerate.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) believes it is time to take the nonprofit sector to a new level, whereby nonprofits are encouraged and supported to achieve their long-term goals, where they are recognised for their efficiency and ability to collaborate to achieve outcomes, and where they are viewed as respected partners in the delivery of services rather than simply a vehicle of government to outsource risk.

The 2016…


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