Photos by Teagan Glenane

Competing for a bequest

Ben Clark tells the story of how State Library Victoria won in a bid process to receive Dr John Emmerson QC’s bequest of rare books – the largest gift of books in its 159 year history – and accompanied by a cash endowment of $1.3 million  Read more

David Gonski

David Gonski: Flying higher

David Gonski’s support for the South Eastern Section of the Royal Flying Doctor Service has given a dental program lift-off in remote NSW. Liz Henderson reveals the giving journey he took with his wife and daughter, and how his approach to philanthropy has metamorphosed over the years. Read more


$33.7 million for Katelyn

Barry and Joy Lambert have donated nearly $34 million to University of Sydney research into the medicinal properties of marijuana, inspired by their granddaughter. Liz Henderson explores the love and need behind the gift. Read more

SMALLER Figure B New regular giving recruits by channel of solicitation

Growth slowing but regular giving still king

After several years where the only way was up, individual giving income growth is now slowing, according to insights into Australian charity performance from the 2015 Pareto Fundraising Benchmarking Project. But, as Liz Henderson reveals, some areas are falling while others are rising. Read more