Lost your fundraising mind?

Too many organisations bleed vital fundraising knowledge ‘ and kill their income potential ‘ when employees move on. Michael Downes recommends keeping careful records of practices, principles and successes to protect your valuable intellectual property. Read more

Nonprofit Leadership

The recent softer economic climate saw some nonprofits wallow while others leapt ahead. Why? According to David Pettigrew, good leadership is the key factor that underpins success. Cultivating strong leadership is therefore a must for all organisations. Read more

Retaining your greatest assets

Anecdotally the churn rate of fundraising staff is high, which creates all sorts of issues and challenges for organisations that just want to get on and fundraise. The good news is that improving your team’s satisfaction and desire to remain in the organisation doesn’t have to be difficult. Lucas Olmos offers some strategies to help nurture your greatest assets. Read more

Where’s the management glue in the middle?

From managing staff to cultivating donor relationships, mid-tier level managers are the glue binding an effective fundraising function together. Yet their rarity in today’s job-seeking landscape coupled with the revolving door syndrome has left many charities in a quandary. Natalea Iskra explores the issues. Read more