Photos by Teagan Glenane

Competing for a bequest

Ben Clark tells the story of how State Library Victoria won in a bid process to receive Dr John Emmerson QC’s bequest of rare books – the largest gift of books in its 159 year history – and accompanied by a cash endowment of $1.3 million  Read more

Stroke Foundation Bequest Booklet

Case study: A nudge for gifts in wills

Liz Henderson explores how a 14-month phone campaign incorporating elements of nudge theory and social norming techniques has helped the Stroke Foundation identify over $10 million of potential future income from supporters interested in including gifts in their wills. Read more


Legacy myths busted!

Some long-held views of fundraisers are challenged by new evidence from a study of Australian inheritance practices. Dr Christopher Baker, who conducted the research, and Ross Anderson reveal the key findings and explain their major implications for charity bequest managers. Read more

Sharon Wangman

AFL shows how to kick bequest goals

When Melbourne Football Club asked members to go the extra mile and support their favourite team by joining a bequest society, avid fans of the Mighty Demons were quick to respond, explains Sharon Wangman. Read more