Can you name this critter?


The Bush Heritage two-step Australian wildlife campaign has garnered great results – both in terms of lead acquisition and donor conversion. James Herlihy explains how it was achieved.


can you name this critterWell before the advent of the internet and social media, fundraisers knew that, if done well, meaningful non-financial engagement can lead to richer supporter relationships and greater response. But translating that principle into new digital media – and ensuring the viability of this digital activity as an acquisition channel – is where fresh fundraising ground is being broken in 2016.

Bush Heritage’s wildlife survey campaign, which was produced with Pareto Fundraising, is one example of that ground being broken successfully – and I would like to share some key results and findings with you.

The centrepiece: a wildlife survey microsite

The survey microsite is the centrepiece of a two-step campaign involving primarily Facebook content (still the best digital acquisition channel for return on investment and volume) driving prospects to an enticing survey landing…

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