Can you connect to new regular givers using online and social channels? – Product Spotlight

Find out more about the potential, the pitfalls, and the profitability of using digital channels to acquire regular givers for your mission.

Is top-notch digital acquisition strategy a priority for your organisation?

Pareto Fundraising can help you:

  • Reach and engage new regular givers
  • Find new ways to convert existing supporters into regular givers
  • Develop your overall digital fundraising strategy
  • Integrate digital into your offline campaigns and appeals

The expertise and passion of Pareto’s digital campaign team will help you attract regular givers to your cause with customised strategies.

Pareto’s online strategy is supported by Pareto Activate, a powerful communications and supporter journey platform. It can be customised to automate a responsive digital experience which includes e-mails, SMS, landing pages, surveys and more.

Pareto has helped other charities like yours achieve their fundraising goals and engage new supporters, including regular givers, through online campaigning.

For a taste of what can be achieved, click here or on the image below to watch a short video about Pareto's most successful online campaigns.

Pareto 2 case studies in 2 minutes


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