Are you a high-performing fundraiser?


What are the strengths and weaknesses of high-performing fundraisers? Dr Daniel McDiarmid draws on the findings of a new study to explain.

Professional fundraisers who achieve great results do not all have the same temperament. However, a Global Philanthropic study of the personal attributes of more than 100 high-performing fundraisers in Australia and New Zealand shows that they are typically a competitive, independent, sociable, and restless bunch. The study shows that high-performing fundraisers have personal characteristics which help them perform well, but can also make them a challenge in the workplace.

More competitive than accommodating

High-performing fundraisers are goal-oriented and competitive people who take charge and want authority and responsibility for others. They look for challenges or tough problems to solve and take risks, but also hold themselves accountable for results.

More sociable than analytical

Friendly and sociable are perhaps unsurprising traits of the high-performing fundraiser. They are empathetic and develop rapport easily, and prefer to take the people factor into account when making decisions.

More restless than patient

A strong sense of urgency works…

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