An acquisition campaign that actually made money


Ariana Palmisano reveals how the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute used an acquisition direct mail campaign to grow its pool of active donors by a staggering 89%.


acquisition campaign To fit in line with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute’s ambitious growth targets, over the past 18 months the Institute has invested heavily in direct mail acquisition in a bid to grow its pool of active donors.

When the 2016 fundraising budgets and projections were set, we did not have third party compliant data. Nor did we have board approval to engage in list swapping. However, in early 2016 our supportive board agreed to list swapping and our trusted list broker explained we could ‘borrow’ data from various charities based on providing each with evidence of building third party compliant data. This meant we could start targeting philanthropic individuals from like-minded charities. We were excited!

Initial pack testing

On 6 October 2016, the Victor Chang Institute lodged its second acquisition appeal for the calendar year,…

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