The Paul Ramsay Foundation retains its position as Australia’s largest private giver, according to the latest Philanthropy 50 list.

Australia’s philanthropic sector remains robust with the nation’s 50 largest donors giving a total of $459.2 million in 2016/17, according to figures compiled by compiled by The Australian Financial Review and JBWere.

The second annual Philanthropy 50 list, which will be published in the May issue of AFR Magazine on April 27, lists the nation’s 50 largest private givers, including philanthropic trusts, foundations, FAPs, bequests and private individuals.

The list reveals a fall in the total value of gifts from $470 million in 2015/16, although that figure was buoyed by an unusually large number of deceased estates. Excluding once-off bequests, the value of gifts increased from $403 million in 2016 to $455 million in 2017.

Not surprisingly, the Paul Ramsay Foundation retained its enviable position as Australia’s largest private giver, with its donations for the year totalling $83.1 million.

The foundation, which was launched with a generous $3 billion bequest from businessman Paul Ramsay in 2014, primarily focuses on innovation in health and education, along with capacity building in the not-for profit sector.

Claiming second place was the Ian Potter Foundation, which donated a total of $35.4 million ahead of a strategic shift in focus that includes providing multi-year operational funding to key organisations in target sectors and building the human capital of nonprofits.

Rounding out the top five positions on the list are Graham and Louise Tuckwell ($30 million), the Minderoo Foundation ($18.7 million) and the Lowy Foundation ($18 million).

The cutoff for the list was $3.3 million, up 10% on the previous year as a result of the strong market performance of PAFs over the past 12 months.

RankFoundationTotal gift value ($M)
1Paul Ramsay Foundation83.1
2Ian Potter Foundation35.4
3Graham and Louise Tuckwell30
4Minderoo Foundation18.7
5Lowy Foundation18
6Kinghorn Foundation15
7Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation14.7
8Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund13.3
9Packer Family foundations10.3
10Clive Berghofer10
11Gandel Philanthropy10
12Neilson Foundation9.1
13Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation8.8
14Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation8.5
15Pratt foundations7.6
16Barry and Joy Lambert7.6
17Ainsworth family7.4
18Miller Foundation7.3
19Hansen Little Foundation6.5
20Baker Foundation6.4
21Greg Poche and Kay Van Norton Poche6
22Michael Buxton5.8
23McCusker Charitable Foundation5.5
24William Buckland Foundation5.2
25Collier Charitable Fund5
26Brazil Family Foundation5
27Scanlon Foundation5
28John and Myriam Wylie Foundation4.9
29Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation4.9
30Peter and Lvndv White Foundation4.8
31Ernest Heine Family Foundation4.6
32Geoff and Brad Harris4.5
33Stan Perron Charitable Trust4.4
34Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation4.2
35Tim Fairfax Family Foundation4.1
36JO & JR Wicking Trust4.1
37R E Ross Trust4.1
38Thomas Foundation4.1
39The Yulgilbar Foundation4
40Andrew Thyne Reid Charitable Trust4
41The Charitable Foundation4
42Xenia Foundation4
43Helen Macpherson Smith Trust4
44Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation3.8
45Estate of Francine McNiff3.8
46David Winston Turner Endowment Fund3.7
47Turner Family Foundation3.7
48E Kornhauser Charitable Foundation3.6
49Jaam Foundation3.4
50John T Reid Charitable Trusts3.3

second annual Philanthropy 50 list will be published in the May issue of AFR Magazine on April 27


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